Dear Friend,

Congratulations on taking the first step towards being fit, strong, ripped and awesome. 

Taking action is the first step towards success!

With all of today's distractions, pressures, stresses and temptations it's really hard to get into the shape you want.

Add to it the hassle and expense of getting to the gym, and things get even more difficult, but I am not one for excuses and I believe if you really want something, you'll always find a way around the obstacles in your way.

My name is Bryan Hamann. These days I'm a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, Ironman triathlete and martial artist, but that wasn't always the case.

Today I am going to share the story with you of how I got into the best shape of my life without setting foot inside a gym or touching a weight for over a year.

Prior to getting as hard and ripped as you see in the pics on your right, I was like so many other guys - I lifted weights and I thought I was strong, but I had that soft, puffy look.

Sure, I looked 'kinda buff' with my shirt on, but when I took it off, it was an entirely different story - I had some bulk, but at the end of the day, I was just downright chubby. I was very, very far from having that hard, chiseled look that you see on so many of the MMA fighters and some actors today (think of Hugh Jackman in Wolverine.)

I ate a lot, thinking, "well I'm training hard so I must eat a lot to build muscle", but at the end of the day, I just got chubby!

It all changed for me when I decided to quit my desk job and take a year off and go travel and have some fun. To fund this I went and taught English in Asia.

Nothing can prepare you for those first few weeks as an expat in Asia, it's a crazy whirlwind of over-indulgence, partying and craziness. It was awesome..... but one morning, after a massive night out, I woke up and looked at my shirtless body in the mirror.

I was disgusted with what I saw - my once kinda buff (but actually chubby) body was now properly chubby!

I made a decision right then and there to do something about it!

......There was one problem though, I lived in a TINY apartment and the nearest gym (which sucked) was over 30 minutes away!

I could have taken up running, but with the streets being as crowded as they were, I knew that would be a bit tricky, plus, I just didn't enjoy running and I knew enough to know long, steady-state cardio is really ineffective for fat-loss.

I thought about it for a while and then I had an 'ah-ha' moment - guys in prison are often in amazing shape: hard, stong and ripped!

They don't have any equipment and they don't even have much space, yet they have some of the most bad-ass physiques out there. They're in way better shape than many of your typical 'gym-rats!'

And so began a long and intensive process of study and experimentation with prison workouts and prison training techniques, it was to last over a year until I perfected my system.

I found exercises so difficult that only a tiny percentage of the world's population will be able to perform them. I found techniques that when applied will leave you in a crumpled heap on the floor, thinking your chest is going to explode!

But the one common thread that ties them all together is the fact that they need, ZERO EQUIPMENT!

Yip, it really is true, you can get ripped to shreds, have bowling-ball shoulders, horse-shoe triceps and a six-pack carved from stone without belonging to a gym or having any equipment, you just need to be shown how... 

While that might sound a bit gimmicky, with a phrase like "ZERO EQUIPMENT", trust me it's not, you will be working your butt off! When you're done with some of the more advanced techniques and workouts, you'll be looking at your own reflection in the puddle of sweat beneath you, cursing that damn guy who told you about the prison workout!

But nowhere is it written that you have to belong to a gym, or have a ton of fancy equipment to build up a sweat and work your butt off.... 

The heart of the Prison workout is the burpee - it is without a doubt the single most effective exercise on the planet for building superior cardio conditioning and melting fat off your body....getting you more ripped than you thought possible!

I must warn you now though, with the Prison workout system, all excuses need to be checked at the door - you are going to be working hard, doing A LOT extremely effective bodyweight exercises that you just don't see enough people doing these days.

The exercises and workouts are structured in such a way that they tax all metabolic systems of your body, creating an extremely powerful metabolic conditioning effect - essential for getting ripped!

For example, one of the workouts in the program is the famous "Deck of Cards" workout, a popular prison workout, and one I often do when I need a quick, effective workout to kick my own butt!

It's ideal for times when you have limited space:

If you'd like to give it a try: 


Trust me, that is a TOUGH workout, much, much tougher and more effective than any spin class, 45 minutes on the treadmill or your average lifting session.

Plus, because it makes use of a technique known as the AFTERBURN EFFECT, your body will be burning calories for hours after your workout, as it tries to bring your metabolism back to normal. The Afterburn Effect is essential if you want to get ripped.

Professor of Metabolic Biochemistry at Warwick University, Victor Zammit says, "When your body is pushed during exercise, it can take up to three days for your metabolism to return to ‘normal.’"

So basically, if you're doing these kind of workouts a few times a week, you'll ensure that your body is burning fat round the clock! 

If some of these workouts seem too tough, don't worry, THE PRISON WORKOUT system caters for all levels of trainee, with programs for beginners, intermediates and advanced.

There is a very comprehensive test before you begin which helps determine your appropriate level and which program, exercises and rep-scheme is appropriate for you - it's like having me as your trainer there with you..

For example, a cut-down version of the "Deck of cards" workout for beginners would be:

  • All picture cards = 10 reps
  • Aces = 11
  • All red suites = Bodyweight lunges
  • All Black Suites = jumping jacks

There are also a bunch of other techniques used in the THE PRISON WORKOUT that ensure you get the most out of every workout, increasing your fitness and conditioning more than you though possible, some of these techniques are:


AMRAP - An acronym for 'As many rounds as possible', basically DENSITY training, where you have a short circuit of exercises which you must get through and then repeat as many times as possible within a certain time-frame (usually 10-20 minutes.) This allows you to get in a very quick workout, but one which is more effective than most typical workouts of double the length!


Tabatas - Where you do an exercise as fast and intensely as possible for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and then repeat for a total of 8 rounds. This improves your fitness and endurance like nothing else, it was initially used by Olympic athletes for getting in shape!


Descending Ladders - Where each set is 1 rep less than the previous one, a perfect method for balancing work and recovery to maximize the metabolic conditioning effect. 

The holy grail of Prison workouts is a very nasty type of descending ladder - which you will get to attempt at the end of the advanced program if you're up for it!

Being able to complete it is a true mark of elite fitness.

It's the workout I try to get all of my trainees to aspire to. If you're able to complete it, you'll be fitter, more ripped and more muscular than you thought possible. Form will follow function, meaning that if you want to look ripped, hard and athletic, you need to actually be ripped hard and athletic. There are no 'muscles for show' in the prison workout - we'll leave that to your 'chubby' bodybuilder wannabes. 

In addition to these techniques, there is also a comprehensive strength training component, which will add rock hard muscle to your arms, back, shoulders, chest, abs and legs.

If you think you can't build serious muscle with bodyweight exercises, you are sorely mistaken - just think back to when you've seen gymnasts on TV, look at the quality muscle on their frames and tell me that bodyweight exercises are ineffective.

The key to building muscle with bodyweight exercises is PROGRESSION to more difficult types, not adding more reps!

Do you think a guy who can do one-arm pull-ups and push-ups is not going to have killer lats, biceps and tris?

Again, form will follow function...

The strength training component will take you through a series of: 

-Push ups (all the way up to the one-arm push-up)

-Pull-ups (All the way up to the one-arm pull-up)

-Squats, (all the way up to the pistol-squat)

-Ab exercises (all the exercises you need to get a 'granite-chiseled' mid-section) 


...............and that's just the beginning! 


Don't worry if you can't do any of these exercises yet - I have easier, beginner versions too and show you exactly how to progress to the some of the more advanced versions.


It's not just a generic "cookie-cutter" program like everyone gives you these days, it's designed in such a way that you test your current abilities, choose the correct exercises and program and then just show up and do the work.

 It's all laid out for you! 

The end result:

Once you have worked through the programs and exercises

- you will be more muscular, leaner, fitter and more ripped than you've ever been - without having set foot in the gym, using only your body, gravity and your desire to succeed!  

Don't just take my word for it though, this is what some of my clients and others who've "given the finger" to the gym by using the PRISON WORKOUT SYSTEM have to say:


 With the PRISON WORKOUT SYSTEM you'll get:



($69 value):

  • Over 130 pages of bodyweight exercises, techniques and methods to whip you into the best shape of your life. 
  • Programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • 16 weeks of detailed plans. You just have to show up and do the work, the thinking is taken away.
  • Guides to stretching and warming up.
  • Detailed advice on progressing to more and more advanced bodyweight moves, which will help you pack on rock hard muscle and develop functional, real-world strength





($39 value):

  • Learn what to eat and not eat.
  • No hyped BS about supplements (that's not the prison way), just real advice about REAL FOOD.
  • Learn how to calculate you Basal Metabolic Rate (crucial for getting ripped and then staying lean)
  • Learn exactly how much and what you should be eating
  • Learn the 11 golden rules of nutrition







($29 value): 

  • All of the workouts laid out for you, just show up and train
  • Convenient and easy to record all of your reps, times etc (this is crucial for your progress and success with the program)

That's $137 of value you'll be getting (I usually sell all of these products separately). 

Even if you were to get it all for the stupidly low price of $49 it would be a steal.

But, ADD in the fact that you'll never NEED to go to a gym, ever again, and that will save you at least $50/month** for the rest of your life! 

If you were to get a program and some nutritional advice from a personal trainer that would be another couple hundred dollars!

But you can get it all, right now, for way less than the cost of 1 month's gym membership. 


All payments are securely managed by  



I'm so confident in the program and its ability to give you some of the best workouts of your life and help you get in awesome shape, (if you do the work, this is not a magic pill) that I am offering a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied for whatever reason, get in touch and I will gladly offer you a refund.


If you've been frustrated all along with your progress or lack therof, realise this:

People transform their bodies and lives everyday. Sure, it's not always easy and it often takes a considerable effort, but with the myriad of different programs, boutique gyms, supplements, gimmicks and other crap out there, in our faces everyday, we get paralysed with choice, and end up doing nothing.

The most important thing is to TAKE ACTION

Making a decision and following through with action sets you apart from the majority of others and is the first step to success!

THE PRISON WORKOUT SYSTEM,  gives you the means to take charge of your fitness and will help you get into the shape you've always wanted.

If you're up for the challenge and realise there are no gimmicks, short-cuts or silver bullets:


All payments are securely managed by 



Q: I'm a beginner and pretty out of shape, will this program not be too advanced?

A: No, you perform a couple of tests at the beginning and you tailor the exercises to your level. Nothing is generic, you calculate everything based on your level of fitness.

Q: Do I really need no equipment for this program?

A: Nope you don't, you can get through the whole program without any equipment.

Purchasing a pull-up bar will make things much easier though, as not everyone will have a suitable door frame or tree-branch etc, from which they can do pull-ups.

Pull-up bars are inexpensive and can be purchased from most sporting stores.
When you get to a more advanced stage, it may be beneficial to purchase a dumbell or kettlebell.

Q: I am a woman, is the program suitable for me?

A: Absolutely. The program is exactly what women need to get firm, lean, toned and sexy. The resistance training will NOT cause you to get bulky.

Q: When do I receive the program after purchasing it?

A: Immediately. No physical products are shipped, all products are available for immediate digital download.

Q: What sort of results can I expect?

A: Give the program 2-3 weeks. Really stick to it and you will start to notice a big difference possibly even sooner. To allow the program to really work its magic, work through the full 16 weeks (all 3 programs).

 All payments are securely managed by


*The Nutrion guide is included as part of the main PRISON WORKOUT MANUAL

**Based on the calculation that the average price of a gym membership is $50, this may however vary..





For any technical queries or problems with your order, contact:

Also, As a result of statements made by the FTC, we are required to define what "typical" results are. The sad reality is most people purchase a product and then never use it or do anything with it. As a result, the "typical" result is usually zero. Hard work and dedication is what is required for success and transforming your body! You are the main element in your success with this program.

Always consult your physician before embarking on any exercise or nutrition program.

No physical products are shipped. All products purchased are available for instant digital download.